The Fine Print

All services require that you agree to our Fine Print

1)       Data – Black Flag Consulting is not liable for any and all data loss. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have good, complete and verified backups of all data. Black Flag Consulting takes reasonable precautions and makes a good faith effort to ensure data loss is kept to an absolute minimum.  While this sounds harsh and is not common, data loss does happen despite our best efforts.


2)      Data Recovery/Transfer – If Black Flag Consulting is attempting to recover data of any severity, we cannot guarantee data recovery. No guarantee of any data recovery is made and the customer understands that it is possible for no data to be recovered. Black Flag Consulting makes a best effort to explain the risks and probable out comes of any data recovery/transfer. If you are unsure, ask and we will be glad to explain the risks, costs and possible outcomes.


3)      Software – Black Flag Consulting does not engage in software piracy in any form. As such any software installed, re installed including Operating System must be accompanied by original manufacturer disks and appropriate proof of licensing such as decals, invoices or verified volume or corporate licensing.


4)      Abandoned Equipment – Equipment left at the shop for more than 15 days after final invoice is subject to storage charges. Equipment left for more than 30 days is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Black Flag Consulting. Any deposits or pre payments for parts or services are forfeited at that time. Black Flag Consulting will attempt to each the owner several times during the 30 day period.  If you experience unforeseen circumstances, please contact us early and often. We can always work with you and hold it longer, as reasonable.


5)       NSF Checks, Charge Back Policy – NSF, and charge backs are expensive to small businesses.  Returned items are subject to a fee of $45 and due within two business days in certified funds or cash.  Fraudulent payments will be referred to the Attorney General’s office.


6)      Late Payment Policy – All invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise noted. Invoice over 15 days late are subject to a 10% late fee.  Invoices that are seriously delinquent will be subjected to collection. Any and all collection/legal fees will be added to the invoice(s).