Wiring before and after

It’s a typical Friday afternoon and one of the accountants at the company needs faster internet than the wireless access is able to offer. He connects a cable to his laptop…and nothing happens. An hour later our technician is checking the wires and their assigned ports in the cabinet but everything is connected and functioning as it should. Within fifteen minutes, the technician found the laptop to be hooked up to its docking station and thus the wire should have been as well. If the cabinet hadn’t been labeled correctly or if wiring had been rearranged into the wrong ports, this easy fix would have taken hours to deduce.

This scenario isn’t hypothetical; similar ones occur on a regular basis . Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy of a fix. A wire cabinet may start out clean and in order, but if patches, emergency fixes, and administration of the cabinet is done by someone that is inexperienced, a rat’s nest of wires can quickly ensue. Hours are then wasted on deciphering which wire is supposed to match which port instead of being able to come up with a speedy solution.

One time fixes may seem like the easy road in the short-term but they add up quickly. Doesn’t it make more sense to correct the problem instead of limping along with it? Hiring My PC Clinic to setup an organized wiring map both virtually and physically can offer an almost immediate return on investment. By correctly matching wires to ports, switches and hubs, the flow will be optimized to its full potential increasing the entire system’s speed and therefore productivity. In addition to increased speed, clean wire cabinets offer a more secure network and decreased repairs. Overall investing in a professional, color-coded wiring system will save money, time, and frustration in the end because neatness matters.

Contact us to have a technician inspect your current wiring network. We’ll construct a system to clean up your wiring and increase your business’ productivity.