Corporate Virus and Data Safety


Bad news: the best of virus protection available is estimated to stop only 45% of viruses.  ARS 5/2014

The good news: proper network administration, policies and maintenance can help alongside your virus protection to further safeguard your network. Our experienced admins can help lock down your network with proper programming of your infrastructure (routers and firewalls), build correct server data policies, and of course proper user permission. With a full spectrum of corporate virus protection and web filtering including Symantec, Trend, ESet and Websence, we strive to help each of our clients get the most from your IT, specific to what will best serve your individualized needs.

If you don’t have an IT department or need to outsource the one you do have, we can assist your company. We offer far superior services than a normal IT technician in that we seek to be a complete, outsourced Chief Information Officer and technical staff to our clients. Call us today to have a technician visit your company and receive a free diagnosis on your corporate virus and data safety needs.