Why HP’s recent power cord recall should spark your attention

n late August, HP announced a recall of the LS-15 AC power cord which was included with many notebook computers sold from September 2010 through June 2012. According to HP, “potentially affected power cords can be identified by a molded mark [of ‘LS-15’] on the adapter end of the power cord. Not all power cords with the molded mark are affected.” In short these power cords can spark and burn, posing a fire and shocking hazard to both you as the user and your property. Not all of the LS-15 cords are faulty but we highly recommend ordering a replacement instead of waiting until it’s too late.

While HP has voluntarily recalled these products and offered a replacement system, the company is notorious for pulling all information about faulty products and their subsequent recalls as soon as the recall window has elapsed. Please follow the link below to see if your laptop is one of the affected units and fill out the attached form to order a replacement as soon as possible.


LS-15 Power Cord Recalled